Yasmeen The Voice

I call myself a fusionist. Kind of ironic to who I am - a descendant of different races.Whether it's Jazz, Reggae, afrobeat, or any other style of music I'm trying to express, it's all held together by one link. and that's soul'.

I'm currently working on my album 'Music Messenger' . It's taking longer than I thought but I'm trying to find the right sound behind my story. A story of ups and downs, tragedy and conquest. While you wait for 'Music Messenger' to be released you can download my single PADDY via iTunes and other online stores. The Richy Pitch (Dubstep) remix is also available. One love!

Everyone has their form of “Medication”. That thing, or those things that they depend on to help ease their suffering. Music to me is therapy. It has been a huge outlet for me and I am so glad I could record and share it with you all. Whatever you are going through and whatever “medication” you are on, stay positive and keep believing in love. ♡

"Life is like a garden. Love, peace, and faith nurture the flowers that decorate it. Negativity only brings weeds that could

destroy the garden"

One Love, Yasmeen